Mentor Program

Seattle Sunrise Toastmasters pairs all members with a mentor. Even our more experienced are assigned mentors.
Mentors can help you keep inspired and on track, help you with your prepared speeches or roles, and more experienced members can help answer questions about the club and the Toastmasters organization.
New members are encouraged to reach out to established ones and ask to be mentored. If a member doesn’t choose a mentor, one will be automatically assigned.

To designate your mentor or make a change in your mentor partnership, contact the VP of Education.

Current mentor assignments:

 Member  Mentor
 Aanya L   Marti M.
 Aleli M  Nicole S
 Andy K  Aanya L
 Aswini H  Cara S
Beatriz R.   Aleli M.
 Bill S  Brett S.
 Brett S  Dave E
 Cara S  Aleli M
 Dave E  Scott C
Dilip G.  Andy K.
 Julie S  Paula L
 Justin K.  Andy K.
 Katherine M  Neva C
 Ken B  Tom B
 Isabella Z  Julie S
 Kiki N  Nicole S
 Lara G.  Marti M.
 Lidia S.  Kiki N.
 Marti M  Scott C
 Michael R.  Bill S.
 Neva C  Nicole S
 Nicole S  Andy K.
 Paula L  Marti M.
 Rodrigo R.  Tom B.
 Saher A.  Aswini H.
 Scott C  Dave E
Tamsen B. Aleli M.
 Tom B  Scott C
 Traci M.  Marti M
 Yanyan Z  Andy K
 Zhou B  Nicole S