About Seattle Sunrise Toastmasters Public Speaking Club

Scott presents the ribbon for best impromptu speakingImportance of Public Speaking:

Research shows that pubic speaking and leadership skills are two of the most important contributors to success in the workplace.  People with strong communication skills hava a clear advantage over tongue-tied colleagues.  In a competitive job market, public speaking skills are crucial. If you live in Seattle, our Toastmasters club can help.

About Toastmasters:

Toastmasters is a worldwide organization dedicated to helping its members become better communicators and leaders.  The organization has more than 280,000 members worldwide.  These members improve their speaking and leadership skills by attending regular meetings.  In these meetings, members “learn by doing”.  Each meeting gives members the opportunity to speak and lead while other members listen and provide constructive feedback.

About Seattle Sunrise Toastmasters:

Seattle Sunrise Toastmasters is Seattle’s Saturday morning Toastmasters club.  We boast a diverse set of members ranging in age, experience, and profession.  Our youngest members are in their early 20s.  Some members are still working to master the English language while others are native English speakers.  We have members who are new to the organization and others who have been members for 10+ years.  Despite their background, members and guests agree — our club is a fun, safe, supportive learning environment.

In the role of Grammarian, Junlei provides the word of the day.

In the role of Grammarian, Junlei provides the word of the day.

Seattle Sunrise members learn to:

  • Prepare a presentation
  • Speak before an audience without getting nervous
  • Plan and lead a meeting that is well-run
  • Provide written and verbal feedback to others
  • Receive feedback from others